When cruise pros dig a little deeper into The Bahamas’ 700+ islands, they find hidden gems like Half Moon Cay, also Little San Salvador.


This one’s a private island, and — smile! — you’re absolutely welcome here. Grab a Carnival or Holland America cruise to Half Moon Cay and from your first toe in the sand you’ll understand why it’s anything but a typical destination. All the features and excitement aboard your Carnival or Holland America cruise pause for a bit, opening up your vacation with a unique island experience.

Some Information About Half Moon Cay

First, let’s learn a little about this private island before we get into all the wonderful things you can do here.


Located almost 100 miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas, Half Moon Cay is one of 700 islands that make of the archipelago of the Bahamas.


The island is over 6 square miles in size, but only about 2% has been developed in order to maintain as much wildlife and natural fauna as possible.  Many cruisers don’t realize that there is more to Little San Salvador than just the heavenly beaches.

Things To Do

Cozy up and lounge with your personal someone-special in a clam-shell, a shady hideaway for two. Plus, if you’re looking for more private stretch-out space there are cabanas and villas to rent. And who can resist the siren’s call of an expert massage by the beach? You know, relaxing is encouraged at Half Moon Cay... but against this pristine backdrop there’s still so much to do! Play in turquoise seas, ride horseback on powdery white sand, or gently paddle a kayak through acres of protected lagoon, encountering silky-smooth stingrays and so much more.


This island is a little off the typical cruise path.

Visit Half Moon Beach

Some have called this beach the closest thing to an untouched Bahamas that you can find.  Not only is it clean, beautiful, and accommodating, but there are convenient places nearby to get a refreshment or use the facilities.


The sand is fine and soft, and Half Moon Beach is the first thing you will see as your tender approaches the island.  There are usually plenty of loungers to choose from, but the further down the beach you walk the less crowded it will be.


If you need some beach time on your cruise, this is definitely the place to enjoy it.