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Bonaire is the B on the island trio known as ABC - Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.  It’s always sunny in Bonaire, where the days last nearly twelve hours and the adventure never ends. The countless coral reefs surrounding its shores are home to more than 400 species of marine life, earning it the nickname ‘Diver’s Paradise.’ But for some of the best snorkeling, head to the islet of Klein Bonaire. Or hop on a glass-bottomed gondola for prime undersea views— no swimming required. Cruise to Bonaire and do some onshore exploring at Washington Slagbaii National Park, which covers a fifth of the island. With its dramatic desert landscape, mangrove lagoons, famous pink flamingos and unrivaled dive spots, Bonaire offers endless outdoor adventures— along with a healthy dose of colonial charm.

                   CHIEF OF THE REEF

Explore 86 unique dive sites at Bonaire Marine Park and discover why they call the island ‘Diver’s Paradise.’                                              

Famed as one of the best Caribbean dive destinations, Bonaire hosts amazing coral reefs and long forgotten shipwrecks. Because the island's dive sites are protected from any currents, this is one of the best places in the world to gain a new certification. Visitors to Bonaire can choose between boat and shore diving.

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If you don't dive, you can still enjoy the underwater world of Bonaire! Snorkeling allows visitors to get a broad view of the coral reef with its many inhabitants. In a few meters of depth, chances are you can spot turtles, rays or even a seahorse.


Just like the dive sites, many of Bonaire's snorkel sites are marked by yellow stones. You will see them on the roadside along the coastline. Each name carries the name of the particular snorkel site and marks a convenient entry point.


All users of Bonairean waters are required to purchase a nature tag.  


Unwind onshore or go windsurfing in the warm, shallow waters of Sorobon Beach, a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike.


Many visitors from Bonaire come to the Caribbean island for the sun, sea and beaches. Every beach on Bonaire has its own character, identity and possibilities. At some beaches you can watch and be seen and there are trendy restaurants and trendy beach bars. Other beaches are quiet and picturesque and are popular with families with children.