The capital city of The Bahamas, Nassau is located in New Providence.  Here you'll find the Lynden, Pindling International Airport, along with popular attractions like Downtown Nassau, The Governor's House, and Queen's Staircase.

Experience an island metropolis where the ease of the tropics meets the big city. Here, beautiful beaches are just the beginning. Venture beyond them and discover an island humming with history, art, nightlife, and culture.

Nassau and Paradise Island, often considered the gateway to the Bahamas, consists of two islands:  New Providence and Paradise Island.


World class resorts with sprawling gardens, swimming pools, marinas, casinos, dining and nightlife greet guests of Nassau and Paradise Island.

Don't forget about Nassau's art scene.  It features everything from fine art in the National Art Gallery, to modern streetside murals, to a brilliant collection of colorful Junkanoo pieces of years' past.

It's rich in history and rich in spirit.  Hidden among a group of islands poised between the Atlantic and Caribbean—and only a few hundred miles from the United States’ southern coast of Florida—Nassau Paradise Island has sheltered everyone from pirates and freed slaves to blockade runners, rum smugglers and runaway lovers over the centuries. And although times are peaceful now, we still cherish a tradition of people making their own rules under sunny skies.