The Cruise Port of Seattle is an innovation hub surrounded by the picturesque scenery of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle frequents the top ten lists of cities to live, work and play.

Since 2000, Seattle has grown to the #1 U.S. West Coast cruise port in number of passengers, with over 200 annual departures to Alaska.

The Port of Seattle connects local tourism and maritime commerce with the thriving cruise marketplace and we are proud to support the natural beauty, vibrancy, and diversity of our region.

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The Port of Seattle is proud to be the largest and fastest growing cruise market on the West Coast. 

For the past 14 years the Port has prioritized protecting the environment while growing into a nearly $900 million a year industry for our region.We’re proud to be the only homeport in North America with a voluntary clean water agreement between the Port, the cruise lines and our regulators. 

Beyond compliance, the Port works closely with the industry to minimize the air quality impacts of cruise ship exhaust.