Skagway was known as a starting point for prospectors on their quest for gold in the late 1800s. Seemingly overnight this town went from barren to filled with hundreds of people. Stores and saloons popped up to prepare and entertain these men seeking fortunes in the Yukon. 

For a while, Skagway was a lawless town much like the legendary towns of the Wild West. This city retains its charms and gives visitors a chance to glimpse into this chaotic time in Alaska’s past where you can see what it was like for those men who were interested in making their fortunes via the Gold Rush. 

Continue below for some of our favorite sights and sounds of Skagway, Alaska:

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Follow the path of the Gold Rush on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad. This train will take you on a scenic ride through granite mountains, gorges and tunnels.Go panning for gold at Liarsville, an area set up to educate tourists about the Gold Rush. Here you can also see musicians playing instruments that would have been popular during the Gold Rush period.See some of the tools prospectors used during their expeditions, along with artifacts from Alaska’s natives, at the Skagway Museum and Archives.Get a truly unique souvenir or gift at A Gathering of Spirits, one of the more popular local shops in Skagway that offers locally made jewelry.