CEO of ibüümerang, Mr. Holton Buggs, unveiled Ellev8, a Legacy Management Educational Platform that specializes in financial literacy and forex trading philosophies.

Mr. Buggs’ definiteness of purpose is to impact the lives of over 100 million people, personally, spiritually, and financially. Ellev8 is a key component in furthering that purpose.

Ellev8 empowers the average person to take charge of their financial future via financial literacy and forex trading education. In the midst of economic uncertainty and change, Ellev8 allows the average person to be in the driver’s seat of their financial future.

Mr. Buggs says, “It is with great pride that I offer a resource to the marketplace that I know for sure will positively impact the financial futures of those who want to improve their socio-economic standing.”

The Legacy Management Platform consists of 3 categories: Education, Technology, and Culture.

Education Clip 5

Our community of educators are full-time, top-rated, seasoned professionals. Our trainings are live, interactive, informative, and fun. Our expert educators also host in-person, destination training events.

Technology Clip 2

Developing proprietary technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Trade Assistance.

Culture Clip 3

Creating culture and community through recognition, learning communities, and education in multiple languages.

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