skin tech

We have just launched a wearable technology that goes on like an invisible glove.  It feels AMAZING and keeps your skin protected and sanitized.  Acts as a biochemical glove.  Protects your skin for 4 hours with a single application.

Gentle but Strong.  Kills a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi on contact without needing to reapply.   

Skin tech antimicrobial foam
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Skin Tech lasts up to 4 hours.

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With Skin Tech, say goodbye to the negative effects of using regular alcohol sanitizers, such as dryness.

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Skin Tech will create a protective shield for your skin.

A new REVOLUTIONIZED technology in skin protection & sanitizing with 4 hours of FULL proven protection! 

No matter what you do or how many times you wash your hands, Skin Tech will create a protective shield for your skin! Who’s excited to learn more about Skin Tech?

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A revolutionary wearable skin technology.

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Clinically proven to protect and moisturize skin for up to 4 hours on the go.

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A nourishing foam that is up to 99% effective against many common germs.

We have two sizes available - regular and travel. The travel size gives one month of protection and costs $20.  Regular size will last you 3 months for $45. We’ve partnered with a charity, so each bottle feeds a malnourished child.  

If you buy 4 bottles of the regular size, we’ll give you a travel-size for free!

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